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Welcome to Design Note, the teaching web site of Professor Bob Jones at Delaware County Community College. This web site is dedicated to the instruction of graphic design courses for the students of the AFA degree programs at Delaware County Community College located in Media, PA. Students, use this site to access class syllabi, class schedules, pdf files, projects, test reviews and other helpful information and resources related to your class activities.

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The course information found here includes a timeline of activities, course content and materials. While I’ve tried to make this content easily available to all, some content may require a password login. Only those courses I teach in the current semester will be available from the course links on the left. Below I’ve summarized the content found in each section.

Solomen Flewellen displays portfolio
crit wall photoCritique wall of graphic translations
"The After-Class Gang of Five"

classes Access information specific to the classes you are taking in a given semester. You can only access classes that are being taught in the current semester.

notesContain both general and specific information on concepts, theories and industry information related to your course content. For example; information on the various color spaces, RGB, CMYK, etc.

tutorials Step-by-step instruction will be presented in either text format or video format to help you understand course content and skill sets needed to be successful.

showcase Features work created by students in their respective classes to highlight their talents and inspire new student.

resources Here you will find links to both regional and global web sites that provide access to required class materials, supplies and other valuable materials and online help.