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Presenting your printed artwork - Mounting instructions

Printed projects for final critiques require mounting on black presentation board.

Margins: A typical 8.5" x 11" print should have 1.5 - 2" margins(borders), bigger for larger prints. A good rule of thumb would be to make the margins larger than you think rather than too narrow.

Double-sided adhesive film *
Double-sided film (less expensive)
Dry Mount Tissue
Rubber Cement
Studio Tac

* preferred method


Printing papers

Since we use primarily Epson printers, you usually get the best results with Epson brand papers. A good choice is Ultra Premium Presentation Matte. It has a nice surface quality, renders colors and black ink particualry well and gives your projects a professional look.

Be careful using gloss stock as it sratches easily and cracks badly when folded. That said, you might still need to use gloss for some class projects in this program.

Adding a cover flap to your mounted projects

Apply a sheet of black paper found on the rolls in the work room.

Please follow the instructions on the right

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