Student Art Showcase

Highlighting the best student work from the various courses I teach, listed below.

ART 130 Drawing I

M. Houtz Charcoal drawingM. Houtz Charcoal drawingLauren West Charcoal drawingDai Song Charcoal drawing
Left to right: Michael Houtz, Michael Houtz, Lauren West, Dai Song

ART136 Drawing as design Process

Left to right: Alison Montague, Unknown, Noo Ri Lee
Left to right: Charles Collier, Michael Houtz



ART 215 Typography


ART227 Web Graphics

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image iconMichael Curry
image iconBekah Hamson
image iconAllison Balch
image iconAdam Katze
image iconMichael Katz
image iconNicole Fichera
image iconGary Pergolini
image iconMichael Curry
image iconMike McCourt
image iconRyan Bresser
image iconAllison Montague
image iconLauren West
image iconDemi Deravedisian
image iconChris Deravedisian
image iconBrindy Gibbs

ART230 Graphic Design I



ART231 Graphic Design II


ART232 Portfolio Seminar



Area for individual notes, project schedules, sudent project tables, etc.