Five Questions
with Brooklyn Decker


AMERICAN MAN: How did you start modeling?
BROOKLYN DECKER: An agent from New York was scouting in North Carolina while visiting a friend and decided to meet a few girls down there. I had seen the girls he represented and recognized them from Guess ads, which is a huge deal when you’re 14. So I signed with him and started.

AM: Do you remember your first cover?
BD: Yes I do. My first cover was a magazine called Nikki Style, which is a Miami-based magazine. It was with Nigel Barker, who is the America’s Next Top Model photographer. I remember thinking it was the biggest deal ever because it was America’s Next Top Model, and when you’re in North Carolina that’s all you know about the fashion world.

AM: I hear you and Adam Sandler both share a love for bulldogs.
BD: Ours is Billy Jean and she's the best thing in the whole wide world. It takes a true dog lover to love a bulldog. You have to love the squishy face, the stinky breath, the snorty sounds and all the farting, they’re the most disgusting animals, but I find it so endearing and so adorable. I think she’s the sexiest dog in the whole wide world. And all her fat wrinkles are so beautiful.

AM: How do you stay in shape?
BD: I think weights are incredibly underrated. A lot of women are scared of them because they think they’re going to get bulky. When I do weights that’s when I get my most lean. It’s also really good for building bone density and protecting your joints. Women have to deal with osteoporosis and all this other stuff, so the more muscle you have the more protected you are.

AM: Any fashion favorites?
BD: I love Rag & Bone and Elizabeth and James, because they make really nice clothing at a decent price point. I need to have clothes that I can wear walking around New York and then throw on heels and walk into a business meeting.

Brooklyn's Miami Favorites

Favorite Hotel
The Raleigh
“We stay there a lot. It has a great pool, and I love the food. I’m a big breakfast person.”

Favorite Escape
“I jog a lot, and there’s a great run on Key Biscayne along the beach to the lighthouse. I love it at sunset.”

Favorite Restaurant
Asia de Cuba at Mondrian
“The brunch is pretty unbelievable.”

Favorite Haunt
“I love the jewelry stands at the little flea market you fi nd on Lincoln Road on the weekends. I’ve bought some great stuff there, including a pair of 1960s reading glasses that are really cool. I go with stylists for my shoots all the time.”