Tech Porn: 14 Badass Gadgets

In a mission to rescue hardware enthusiasts from the eternally twee and precious, our friends at proudly present this collection of badass gadgetry—shining examples of aggressive, purpose-built hardware design. Each of the products in this round-up is imbued with an aesthetic subtext...

The NeatDesk Can Save Your Life...From Paper

Transform all your dead tree scraps into digital files without magic.

The World's Most Complicated Pen

Please explain what the hell this means? Please!

Ludacris' Party in a Box Speaker

This Luda-approved speaker system’s wireless AirPlay and Bluetooth connectivity make it rain songs...

PS Vita

We leave our dirty fingerprints all over Sony’s new portable.

Fast Facts About Planes

Flying blows, but these fun facts about planes may make it a little less hellish. Prepare for takeoff!

Amazon Kindle

The seven-inch Amazon Kindle Fire really does cost just $199 freakin’ dollars. Yep, this thing may go for less than half the iPad, but it still delivers a whole lot more than half its functionality...

Dyson Hot

Like the subject of a restraining order, the Dyson Hot quickly switches from hot to cold. In sweaty surroundings it serves as a bladeless fan, magically shooting a breeze through its elliptical hoop...