Coffee Text
Coffee Beans Photo
Roasted Coffee Beans
All of our beans are 100% free trade and of the finest select imports
Cup of black Coffee Photo
Hot Coffee
A classic beverage served hot and fresh from a variety of beans
Macchiato Photo
Expresso with a dash of foamed milk give this a stong and aromatic taste
Flavored Mocha Photo
Flavored Mocha
A sweetened drink
made with expresso,
steamed milk and
pure milk chocolate
Coffee Flavored Dessert Photo
Coffee Flavored Desserts
A variety of delicious desserts from icecream to puddings made with real coffee beans
Vienna Coffee Photo
Vienna Coffee
A cream based beverage with two shots of expresso and topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings
Two shots of expresso chilled immediately after brewing and mixed with sweetened cream
Expresso Photo
A classic shot of
steam brewed, strong,
black coffee
Iced Coffee Photo
Iced Coffee
Served over ice, this drink is refreshing anytime
of the year
Latte Photo
A shot of expresso mixed with steamed milk makes a delicious combination
Coffee Pastries
Coffee Pastries
A delicious assortment of pastries made with real coffee beans
Triple Expresso Photo
Triple Expresso
This shot is dark, stong, bold and is a great pick-me-up
Capital Letter I
t's all about the bean. We use only the finest select fair trade beans imported from Brazil, Columbia, Mexico and Hawaii. These beans are then ground and brewed into delicious hot and cold beverages for your enjoyment. It doesn't end there; we also use these beans in some of our scrumptious pastries we bake. Moon Glow Cafe offers a wide variety of rich, delectable treats whether it's a cold, cream filled palazzo, a whipped-top hot latte, a warm muffin or a hot cup of coffee. Our baristas are classically trained and more than helpful with samples when you just can't decide what you want. Every cup is made with care, to give you the best each and every time. Just one taste and you'll find out why our coffee stands out from the rest and is the best around.
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