Tea Blends Text
Cinnamon Plum Tea
Cinnamon Plum
A bold blend of organic cinnamon and natural plums
Coconut Creme Tea
Coconut Creme
A blend of white tea with coconut, cornflower and safflower
Organic Citrus Tea
Organic Citrus
Aged with citrus and asian grapefruit, this blend has blood orange and organic roots, fruits and spices
Rosewater Tea
A blend of a variety of rose petals with white tea leaves
Earl Grey Tea
Earl Grey
A blend of Earl Grey with lots of bergamot and a hint of vanilla
Green Pomegranate Tea
Green Pomegranate
An in-house blend of green tea and pomegranate, high in antioxidants
Madhatter Tea
Fine black tea  establishes the base for a visually colorful and multi-textured blend of fruits and flowers
Reiki Tea
Blended sencha green tea, ginger root, saffron, orange peel, fennel, clove, cardamom cinnamon, safflower, tulsi (holy basil) and licorice root
Wild Berry Black Tea
Wild Berry Black
Black tea blended with organic wildberries and safflower
Apple Spice Tea
Apple Spice
A blend of natural dried apples, flowers and a hint of spicy cinnamon notes
Ceylon Tea
Premium Ceylon Whole Leaf Black Tea, Organic Lemon Myrtle, and Dried Lemon Peel
CranApple Tea
A blend of natural dried apples, hibiscus flowers, rosehips, dried organic cape cod cranberries, and natural flavors
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he finest blends of tea leaves, herbs and fruits can be found here. We carry an eclectic variety of blends that are a combinataion of local and imported ingredients. Our tea leaves, herbs and fruits can vary from domestic to overseas depending on the products and time of year. Some of our blends are seasonal and others are year round so if you find something you like inquire about it availability and one of our friendly, knowledgeable staff members can help. The reason for this is to provide the freshest ingredients in every cup we serve. We steep all our teas at just the right temperature and time for a flavorful, aromatic taste without the bitterness... but with all of the goodness.
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