women in a meditative pose
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All classes are $10 unless otherwise noted
women in a yoga class holding a yoga pose
Nidra Yoga
Yoga Nidra practices were developed thousands of years ago as a means to achieve the deepest states of inner peace and relaxation. Yoga Nidra means concious and aware sleep. It is the state when you are totally relaxed yet conscious and aware, similarly to the state just before falling asleep.
women holding a standing yoga pose with arms stretched to thier sides
Flow Yoga
A fast paced empowerment yoga class based on the traditions of Hatha Yoga. The postures are designed to open the many channels of the body including the main channel, the spine-so energy can flow freely.
a group of male and females exercising in a zumba class
An aerobic fitness class that features movement inspired by various styles of Latin American dance and performed primarily to Latin American dance music. This is a medium paced aerobic class for all fitness levels.
woman doing stomache crunches on an exercise ball
Boot Camp
A group class designed to build strength and fitnesss through a variety of intense group intervals in a one hour class. The majority of the workout is done by using exercises like pushups, squats, burpees and other bodyweight excersises. This class is for all fitness levels and everyone involved works at their own pace.
Man and woman doing curls with dumbells
Circuit Class
A fast paced class in which a series of exercises are performed between 30 seconds and 5 minutes each before moving on to the next exercise. This class includes a combination of cardiovascular and resistance exercise stations that provide a complete body workout. A challenging class for all abilities.